9 Reasons Why You Should Know All About Your Dating Dealbreakers

9 Reasons Why You Should Know All About Your Dating Dealbreakers

Knowing about dating dealbreakers can help you in finding your soul mate. Listed below are some dating dealbreakers just for you, read on.

1. He has no affection

Every relationship thrives on love and affection. If you see no affection from his side, then this is a dealbreaker for you. Evaluate the situation well before you take any decision.

2. He has bad hygiene

If you are a hygiene fanatic, then his bad hygiene can put you off. Body odor can also be a possible deal breaker for a relationship.

3. He is jealous

If you talk to any other guy, and this makes your man jealous then you have to reconsider this relationship. He might be jealous now, but this might turn into possessiveness after a point of time.

4. He is not supportive

Does he support you in whatever you do? If not, then this could be a dealbreaker for you. If he is emotionally weak, then this can affect you. Support and trust are two important factors for any relationship to survive.

5. He lies

If he lies to you at any given point of time in a relationship, then this could go against you. You must be aware of this. If he lies to you without reason, he might not be serious about you.

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