9 Reasons Why Straight Hair is Awesome

9 Reasons Why Straight Hair is Awesome

Girls with curly hair do look beautiful. But, those with straight hair have the upper hand. You wish to know how? Then read ahead to find out why straight hair is awesome.

1. If you have straight hair, you do not have to worry about the way you want to wear your hair. You can just comb it through, leave it open and you get a simple yet sexy look.

2. Straight hair is easy to maintain. A wash twice a week, along with a hot oil massage once a week is enough for straight hair.

3. Straight hair gives the appearance of smoothness and silkiness. Girls with curly hair are forever preoccupied with those frizzes.

4. Straight hair also ensures less flyaway, something that is a huge problem for people with curly hair. Therefore straight hair is definitely more awesome.

5. It is immensely easy to style straight hair and a large number of hairstyles exist for this hair type. So, you have a lot of choice while you undertake a haircut.

6. Styling straight hair is less expensive than styling curly hair. The problem is that curly hair needs to be straightened before any styling can be done with it. So, if you have straight hair, then you save up on the extra straightening that curly hair needs to get.

7. Curly hair has a tendency of becoming rough and dry during winters. It then tends to become brittle, develops split ends and breaks off randomly. If you have straight hair, then no such damage is going to occur until you show severe neglect.

8. The sway of silky straight hair is the best way to attract a guy’s attention. Smooth, silky straight hair has more appeal than curly hair.

9. Straight hair will always be in fashion while curly hair will move in and out.

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