9 Reasons Why Girls Love Ryan Gosling

9 Reasons Why Girls Love Ryan Gosling

The 31 year old hot hunk is another one of those actors with a huge female fan following. Sometimes we feel Hollywood is brimming with such heartthrobs and hotties. But then what would you do without them? Who would be the hero of your dreams? The Prince Charming of your fairytale? But with Ryan Gosling, those dreams and fantasies have come true for millions of girls. Well, they do have a valid reason to fall for his charm with his amazing acting abilities and ahem…sexy body. So let’s take a look at the reasons why girls love Ryan Gosling so much.

1. He has killer looks

Yeah, don’t you just love staring at his nothing-but-perfect features? This Canadian has a great jawline that goes well with his deep and piercing blue eyes. Who can take their eyes off such a fantastic face.

2. He sports a great body

Apart from his looks, he also has a killer body. His abs are just something you want to lean on and be there…well, forever. It’s safe for us to say that whenever he goes shirtless, girls can’t help but feel lightheaded. His movie last year ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ was proof to this fact. Now stop dreaming again!

3. He is in a band

Did we mention, he acts, sings and composes music too? Yes, he does and that’s why he’s in the band called ‘Dead Man’s Bones’. He is the jazz guitarist, but has also released a single ‘Put Me in the Car’ with his band. Wouldn’t you love to hear him croon a romantic melody for you?

4. He is a talented actor

He’s proved that time and again with his prodigious performances in various movies. Although he is known to play off-beat roles like the sociopath in ‘Drive’, the sex doll obsessive guy in ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ or the drug-addicted teacher in ‘Half Nelson’, he manages to pull such roles off with ease. As with the romantic drama, ‘The Notebook’, he showed his mettle to act as a romantic hero as well.

5. He is an adorable son

Of course he is! Who else brings his mother to the red carpet for every premiere and awards show? Not just that, he also brings his sister Mandi along with mother Donna to attend his premieres. Now that’s what we call atta family boy!

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