9 Reasons to Visit Singapore

9 Reasons to Visit Singapore

Planning a vacation? We have just the place for you! Rapidly becoming one of the most creative and modern places in the world, the “Lion City” promises not to disappoint you. We give you some of the great reasons to put Singapore on your list of amazing destinations.

1. Universal Studios

Whether you are with your family or with your friends, this is a great place to spend your day! This Hollywood movie theme park is just what you need for an exciting and adventurous day. From thrilling rides to adorable cartoon characters, Universal Studios has something for everyone.

2. Sentosa

This resort island is great for spending the weekend or even your entire vacation. You have luxurious hotels, beaches, golf courses, restaurants, nature preserves, shopping centers, laser shows, theme park, and more. You will not have a single dull moment while you spend your time here. What makes it even more exciting is the suspended cable car that you can take to reach here from the main island. The ride offers you a great view of the city.

3. One of the lowest crime rates in the world

What makes Singapore a great tourist destination is the fact that this country almost has a zero percent crime rate. You can freely roam about the streets at odd hours and you need not worry about your belongings and safety. It gives you a great sense of freedom and lets you explore the country on your own.

4. A cultural mix

Singapore has people from several nationalities living in perfect harmony. Places like Little India and China Town give you a great insight into these cultures and let you experience them as well. You can interact with the locals from different cultures, hit the night markets, eat local food, and get a slice of their life without having to visit their country.

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