9 Quotes To Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous

9 Quotes To Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous

Ooh, this surely sounds spicy girls! There’s nothing more satisfying than making your ex jealous, is there? Why, you can even do lots of things to make him jealous. But saying few things will trigger his imagination and this might make him more jealous. He might have given you some trouble when you were together or he was irritating or something else that bothered you. Whatever the reason be, hop along on this wonderful ride and read the below mentioned quotes if you want to make your ex-boyfriend jealous!

1. “Now I know what’s the true meaning of being happy.”
Yeah, that’s going to make him jealous for sure. It will also compel him to think what makes you so happy? ‘Of course, it can’t be me. A new boyfriend perhaps?’ Let his imagination roll, girls!

2. “Saturday is going to be fun!”
You need to let him know that. Go to a party, disco, or just hang out at your friends’ place. Or you could also stay at home, rent a DVD and watch your favorite movie! But that statement is going to make him jealous.

3. “Finally!”
Just this one word with an exclamation – Finally! is enough to get the jealousy oozing out of him. A better way to say this is via Facebook or Twitter. Others might not know what you mean, but if you’ve recently broken up with your boyfriend, he will instantly guess what this finally means!

4. “I have plenty of important things on my mind.”
If you say this on his face, you will get to capture his lovely,astonished expression. But if you don’t get a chance, you can always say it over the phone if you happen to talk to him.

5. “My agenda: Step 1. Move on. Step 2. Move further away.”
You obviously can’t say this to him directly. However, you can make him feel jealous by saying it loudly to your friend knowing that he’s nearby and listening.

6. “There’s nothing better than some awesome time.”
We suggest, just go ahead and have some awesome time after you say this. Who knows? You might even see him narrowing his eyes at this statement from you.

7. “I’m free to go to parties with other people.”
Yes, you are. So why not let your ex know that? After all, let him sit through the night and think who ‘the other people’ might be.

8. “I’m going to the beach…have plenty of negative vibes that I want to let go off.”
Hmm. There’s nothing wrong going in your life as such. But you just want to make your ex jealous and that’s why you should tell him this. But, say it confidently and pointedly so that he knows what ‘negative’ you’re targeting.

9. “Slumber party, here I come!”
Yeah, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Plus, let your ex know this. He will be jealous to think that you’re enjoying yourself and not stuck on him.

These quotes are bound to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. Try it out and let us know the results!

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