9 Mistakes Women Make With Men to Turn Them Off

 9 Mistakes Women Make With Men to Turn Them Off

More often than not, women don’t even realize when they are pushing a man away from them by turning them off. This is because of the mistakes they commit that turn a man off. If you don’t want to commit these mistakes ever in your life, then find out what turns a man off right below.

1. Changing their Facebook status immediately

Situation 1: You go with him for your first date and have a fabulous time. He says he will see you soon.
Situation 2: The next morning you change your Facebook status to committed.
Situation 3: He never calls you for the second date.

Yep, that’s what will happen when you do something as silly as changing your relationship status to committed or in a relationship just after your first date. Give the man some time to at least think about you, leave alone the relationship.

2. Staring incessantly

This will creep anyone out, ladies! You do need to pay attention to him, but that doesn’t mean you keep staring at him. Move your eyes away from him once in a while and only look at him when he’s talking to you. On other occasions, look down, but don’t keep looking at him 24/7.

3. Having too much body hair

This turn off takes place at lightning speed. The moment any man sees hair at the wrong places on your body like hands, legs, armpits or facial hair, he will be running or wishing to run miles away from you.

4. Having body odor

Smelling good is what turns a man on. So obviously if you turn up for a date with body odor or with clumps of deo visible on your sleeves, it’s a definite turn off for any man.

5. Being a female chauvinist

Just as women say they do not like male chauvinists, men also find female chauvinists too annoying. If women want men to treat them with respect, they also expect the same attitude to be reciprocated. No one wants to date a woman who has a biased and feminist attitude. It’s a great turn off for a man.

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