9 Horrible Things Hollywood Has Taught Us

Photo Courtesy:    Gavin Johnson

Hollywood is a source of inspiration and influence for millions across the world. While there are several good things you can learn from the Hollywood fraternity, there also seem to be a good percentage of horrible things that Hollywood has to teach us. A quick look into this list appears like this.

1. Alien invasions can be affected by computer virus

Alien invasions can be hampered by something as ridiculous and silly as water or a computer virus. While aliens invading earth is by itself a fantasy and difficult to digest; extermination happens after half the human race is wiped out and the rest manage to find something trivial to put an end to them.

2. Celebrities have no laws to follow

Hollywood has shown us that truckloads of money can pull you out of just about anything including drugs and alcohol, sexual abuse, infidelity and bad marriages. Wrong examples set by hundreds of celebrities send out wrong signals.

3. Fashion comes at a heavy price

Hollywood, actors and movies show that fashion can come only at a hefty price. Shoes and bags costing more than a $1000 are way too trendy and important than earning yourself something else far more important like a relationship or education.

4. Breakups and divorces are a cakewalk

Breaking up with the love of your life and breaking out of matrimony are as simple as cutting a cake and eating it. Celebrities have been getting in and out of committed relationships like they are an everyday affair. And a good percentage is due to infidelity.

5. Anorexia is in, healthy is out

This fraternity shows that food is not important to a healthy and beautiful life. Red Bull and loads of de-caffeinated coffees make the right nutrition. Reed thin models become hot properties and good looking celebrities transform into thin and anorexic individuals who go from fab to drab.

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