9 Harmful Effects of Alcohol

9 Harmful Effects of Alcohol

Too much of anything is going to harm the body. Same thing can happen with alcohol. If a person consumes alcohol on a daily basis, then it will have harmful effects on the body. Read on to know more about these harmful effects on the body.

1. Increases the risk of heart diseases

Excessive intake of alcohol raises the normal blood lipid and blood pressure of the body. If the blood pressure is high, it will affect the heart. Intake of alcohol also affects the good cholesterol level of the body, which might increase the risk of heart attacks.

2. Affects the kidney function

Intake of alcohol on a regular basis disrupts the normal kidney function of the body. Alcohol enlarges the kidney, which affects the normal hormone function of the body. This might also result in kidney failure at times.

3. Affects the liver

Liver is most affected by intake of alcohol. Alcohol increases accumulation of fats in the liver. This damages the liver in many cases. Too much of alcohol intake also causes fatty liver syndrome. This might also cause the condition of liver cirrhosis.

4. Lowers the blood sugar level of the body

Excessive intake of alcohol also lowers the blood sugar level of the body. This causes the condition of diabetes. High level of blood sugar in the body causes nerve damage. Heavy drinking can cause permanent nerve damage.

5. Affects the digestive system

Intake of alcohol causes damage to the internal lining of the gastro tract. That in turn causes many problems related to the digestive tract. It might cause gastritis, peptic ulcers, and colon cancer.

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