9 Fun Facts About Cheese

9 Fun Facts About Cheese

Say cheese! Cheese brings a smile on everyone’s face. One cannot imagine how a milk product can taste so delicious and be produced in distinct flavors and textures. Cheese making is truly an art in culinary world. Here are 9 fun facts about cheese.

1. Cheese is most widely produced in Greece
All the famous cheese burger originated in the US, it is the Greece folks who are the major consumers of cheese with an average of 27.3 kilograms per person.

2. Cheddar cheese is the widest-selling cheese in the United States
Although this variety of cheese originated in the English town of Somerset, it has made a huge appeal to the taste buds of Americans with highest consumption.

3. United States is the largest producer of cheese
It’s not just the scaling obesity rates but also what could have possibly led to this is important to understand. It’s the largest producer of cheese in the world with popular restaurant chains such as Domino’s Pizza and MacDonald’s investing in this product.

4. Pizza hut uses 140 million kilograms of cheese per year
This American restaurant chain has outlets all over the world. With a restaurant business expanding around the world, it uses cheese as a producer good for all its food products. `

5. Cheese tastes best when it is at room temperature
Although cheese is a refrigerated product, it tastes best when it is at room temperature, bringing out it’s authentic taste and flavor, it melts in your mouth.

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