9 Foods for Strong Bones Which You Must Eat

9 Foods for Strong Bones Which You Must Eat

Bones form the basic structure in your body that keeps it working. Bones allow normal body functions to be performed successfully. For a healthy body, healthy bones are a must. Thus, a healthy body is dependent on a healthy bone structure and hence it becomes crucial to keep your bones healthy to keep your body healthy. Calcium is one of the prime requirements for healthy bones. It is important for us to know about the food items that are nutritious as well as rich in calcium. Lets have a look at such food items that lead to healthier and strong bones.

1. Spinach

Being a rich source or iron and calcium, spinach tops the list of the best food that makes your bones strong. Other important components of spinach are vitamin K, vitamin A and magnesium. When combined, they help to make your bones stronger.

2. Yogurt

It provides you with a sufficient amount of calcium that is one of the main agent to keep your bones healthy. For those who do not like milk can have yogurt and gain the same quantity of calcium. Yogurt is a tasty source of calcium that can be consumed in different ways. Either have it as a salad topping or plain.

3. Fresh vegetables

You cannot imagine having healthy bones without having enough amount of fresh vegetables in your food. They provide a huge source of calcium and many other nutrients that are important for your body.

4. Eggs

They contain valuable nutrients to nourish your bones. Studies have shown that eggs contain many bone healthy nutrients.

5. Fish

It has been seen that fish contains many nutrients like calcium and Vitamin D which make bones strong. Fish oil is said to reduce the chances of osteoporosis and bone loss in elderly women.

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