8 Wonderful Things Japanese Have Given to the World

8 Wonderful Things Japanese Have Given to the World

Japan elicits feelings of awe from most people because this tiny country has made its mark strongly and successfully among all the countries of this world. On one hand it’s regarded as the strongest and hardworking country because even after two nuclear blasts, the nation has managed to develop itself tremendously. On the other hand it’s regarded as quirky, crazy and weird owing to the numerous pop culture references that have been floating on the Internet. Some really brilliant things contributed by this nation have been listed below.

1. Manga or Japanese comics

Manga has been one of the biggest contributions of Japanese to the pop culture of the world today. Comic books with these wide eyed characters with whacky hairdos and weird ways of talking have been loved by generations of fans globally.

2. Anime

Almost all kids today worldwide are watching, enjoying and getting influenced by modern Japanese cartoons which seem to have replaced American cartoons. Series like Shinchan, Ninja Hatori, Astroboy, Dragon Ball Z, etc., are famous animes that are hugely popular with children.

3. Outstanding technology

Almost every electronic item we use today is a Japanese product. The biggest tech leaders in the world, be it Sony, Toshiba, Onkyo, Casio, Hitachi and many others, are Japanese. From cars to laptops to TVs and washing machines, the Japanese have made them all and this has contributed largely to the advancement of the world.

4. Sushi, wasabi and sashimi

The Japanese are known to consume very healthy food, low on calories. Three dishes which are immensely loved worldwide and are known for their nutrition value and contribution to weight loss: sushi, wasabi and sashimi.

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