8 Weird Places Where People Get Married

8 Weird Places Where People Get Married

Most women dream of a fairy tale romance and a fabulous marriage since the time they are little girls. As they grow up, they realize that to have weddings which are straight out of a romance novel takes a whole lot of money. So some couples decide to make their wedding vows special by taking them in the most unusual and weird spots in the world. These 8 places are some of the most outrageous and never heard before venues for weddings. Take a look.

1. Atop Mt Everest

Perhaps the most adventurous and toughest wedding to ever take place was the one between Pem Dorjee and Moni Mulepati, a Nepalese couple who climbed till the highest point above sea level on earth, that is Mt Everest. They could only stay there for a minimum of 10 minutes and removed their oxygen masks for that time to click pictures and recite their vows.

2. Underwater

People would hate it if their wedding gowns and suits were to get spoiled by water but some couples have actually loved the experience of taking their wedding vows underwater. Yes, there are quite a few couples out there who have jumped in the sea with their wedding dresses on and sealed their wedding with the traditional kiss below water. The province of Trang in Thailand has seen underwater weddings since the 1990s.

3. Mid-air

British couple, Darren McWalters and Katie Hodgson married in the most dangerous and awe inspiring way possible. They wing walked, which is an act of walking atop a bi plane and used three such bi planes, one for the bride, the groom and the minister. They were safely strapped and connected through wireless speakers so that they could recite their vows while balancing atop a plane mid-air.

4. Bungee jumping

Imagine jumping from 164 feet above ground level hugging your partner on your wedding day. That’s exactly the wackiness that Sandra Eens and Jeroen Kippers indulged in after exchanging rings to seal the deal on their marriage.

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