8 Ways Your Smartphone Can Ruin Your Relationship

8 Ways Your Smartphone Can Ruin Your Relationship

Do you have a mini heart-attack every time your smartphone takes a fall? Do you feel more comfortable texting your partner than just talking to him? Do you leave everything and anything in order to attend your phone every time it rings? If any of the above mentioned things are true, you need to re-think on your priorities in life. We give you a number of reasons why a smartphone can ruin your relationships.

1. A constant distraction

No matter where you are or what you are doing, a part of your mind will always be with your smartphone. Every beep and every vibration takes your attention away from what is happening with and around you.

2. Addictive games

With a number of free downloadable games readily available on your smartphone, you are bound to get addicted. Playing constant games will invariably lead to anxieties and hyper-tension. There might be times when you would rather play a game on your phone than talk to your loved ones.

3. Social networking on phones

With every smartphone giving you instant access to a number of social networking site, you are in a constant hurry to share your latest picture, or update your latest status. Even before you click a picture with your loved one, you are already picturing how it will look on your favorite networking site. A scary aspect of this is the fact that you begin to judge other people’s lives based on how they appear on a networking site. You may end up constantly comparing your life with others and feel that your life is not exiting enough.

4. A break in communication

Being constantly on a smartphone hinders you from responding to non-verbal signals. This majorly affects your communication and leads to a breakdown. Even if there are four friends sitting around a table, you are more likely to see them looking at their phones instead of talking to each other.

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  1. Some manners/norms need to be defined for dealing with phones when in a group

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