8 Ways to Stay Healthy this Christmas

8 Ways to Stay Healthy this Christmas

Holiday season means fun, food and lots of indulgence. But, in this quest your health gets neglected. It is equally important to stay healthy during the holiday season and specially Christmas. Here are some ways to stay healthy this Christmas season.

1. Stay active

If you have food that is full of calories, then you need to burn those calories as well. So, stay active during the season. Do things that you like doing, but don’t laze around much. Because, that would help you to shed extra calories, which would eventually help you to remain in shape.

2. Drink lots of liquids

Liquids not only help to hydrate the body, but they are also good at keeping you healthy. Drink lots of liquids during the season. Have at least ten to twelve glasses of water all through the day. Replace your regular drinks with fresh fruit juices. Fresh juices will help you with the process of detoxification as well.

3. Have healthy foods

Christmas is about high calorie foods, but it is better to replace those foods with some healthy options available. Like skip your starters to have some clear soup instead. Make recipes using low cal sugar or low cal yogurt. These small changes can play a good role in your calorie intake during Christmas season.

4. Relax and stay stress free

It is important to enjoy the holiday season, so remain stress free during Christmas. Excess of stress can cause problems in the body like headache or muscle pains. Watch a good movie with your family. Or, simply opt for a great spa session. Feel rejuvenated and stress free to enjoy the essence of Christmas season.

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