8 Ways to Look Good in the Morning

8 Ways to Look Good in the Morning

When you have had a long tiring day or a crazy drunken night, you can still look refreshed, glowing and well groomed in the morning. Here are 8 ways to look good in the morning.

1. Take a revitalizing vitamin supplement

There are many over the counter supplements available to make you upbeat in the morning. Especially when you have had too much of drinks, a fish oil supplement or a vitamin B12 complex can help you feel refreshed and focus during busy morning hours.

2. Sleep with an extra pillow to prevent puffiness

When you need to sleep at night, take an extra pillow to keep your head on a slightly elevated position. This will prevent fluids from accumulating and reduce puffiness.

3. Give your face a dose of caffeine

Caffeine helps reduce blotchiness, dark eye circles and enhances skin texture by providing stimulation. You can do this by placing warm teabags on your eyes. You will instantly feel refreshed.

4. Admire nature

This technique has proved quite effective in helping people improve their eyesight. Try to get up a little early and sit in your front yard or go to a park to be amidst nature. Looking at the greenery and freshness of nature around you can immediately make you feel upbeat.

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