8 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

8 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter is used by common man as well as celebrities. People use this popular social networking website to socialize online, to connect with people having similar interests, to stay connected with their loved ones and to become famous! Ideal for business owners, house wives, professionals as well as everyone else, this website can make you a well known personality. Here are some ways to get more followers on Twitter.

1. Put up a good profile picture

It is important to show your face to the people who are out there. Upload an attractive but decent picture of yours on your Twitter profile. People tend to not follow those who don’t have a profile picture. The reason behind this is that a profile without a photograph is usually considered as a spammer or a newbie’s profile.

2. Create an interesting Bio on Twitter

A lot of women leave the ‘Bio’ section of Twitter blank. It is not only important to fill this section but it is also important to make it interesting. This section is one of the first things that can bring potential followers to your account. Use the ‘Bio’ section to explain who you are and what you do. If you have a company or a product to promote then mention it in this section. Also, include your tag line in your bio. Include your city’s name in it as well.

3. Create a custom ‘About’ Page

Your Twitter Bio allows you to write only 160 characters. This space is not enough to tell your story or even to introduce yourself properly. So, create a custom ‘About’ Page on your blog and link it to your Twitter account. This helps people to click on that link and spot the page you have created for them.

4. Increase the visibility of your Twitter profile

Talk about your Twitter profile on Facebook and other social networking websites. Put interesting posts on your Twitter profile and let the people re-tweet your links. People give up and move on if they don’t read an interesting post, and also if are unable to find the author’s Twitter name. So, make it easy for people to ‘Follow’ you on Twitter. You can also increase the visibility of your Twitter account by displaying its link in your email signature, your blog, your business cards and your website.

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