8 Ways To Face Mondays With A Smile

8 Ways To Face Mondays With A Smile

If there is one day that we dread the most in our life, it is a Monday! We struggle all week with our daily chores and long for the weekend. But once the weekend finally comes by, it goes away faster than the wind. And then we have to face the very much depressing Mondays. Here are 8 ways to face Mondays with a smile. Yes, that is very much possible! Here’s how:

1. Have a great weekend

Don’t just laze about doing nothing. Engage yourself in some hobby that you really like. Meet up with friends and spend time with your family. Visit new places and watch movies. In short, make it a weekend that you will really enjoy. Only if you do this you will feel satisfied to go back to work.

2. See that you sleep enough

What is worse than literally dragging yourself out of bed in the morning with dark circles below your eyes? See that you keep the Sunday evenings a little less tiring. Avoid activities that will exert you like late night parties, clubbing at night and trekking. Sleep sufficiently at night so that you wake up fresh in the morning.

3. Keep your alarm for an earlier time

You wake up late with a jolt, realize it’s a Monday, sulk and get out of your bed with a frown. You obviously reach late to work, then whine about how horrible your life is and how mean your boss is to shout at you. Save yourself the trouble, wake up earlier than usual. You will have time to relax after you wake up and also will not have to rush.

4. Do something nice for yourself after you wake up

Exercise is a great option. But try not to do something that exerts you too much. You can try meditation to relax and calm your muscles. You can also shower with cold water before you leave so that you feel fresh all day. Have a healthy and wholesome breakfast in the morning to keep you going all day.

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