8 Unisex Christmas Gifts to Give Out

8 Unisex Christmas Gifts to Give Out

It’s Christmas and everyone’s doing their shopping and buying Christmas presents for their friends and family. But what about those unexpected visits that you may get from distant friends or relatives? Have you planned on what to buy for them? If not, we have made a list of gifts that can be given to anyone, regardless of their gender.

1. Restaurant Gift Cards

What could be a better Christmas gift than a nice restaurant gift card for a foodie? The person you give it to will surely have a good time and scrumptious meals by means of your gift. This is a good option for unisex gifts, if you are confused on what to buy for everyone.

2. Homemade Chocolates and Cookies

Homemade chocolates and cookies are fabulous Christmas unisex gifts. Freshly baked cookies or chocolates are simply a gourmet’s delight! Gift these to anyone and they will love them. If you don’t want to make them yourself, you can always buy them fresh from confectioneries and bakeries.

3. Movie Passes

There’s always that movie buff in the family or among your acquaintances who goes to watch the latest flick in town. So what better way than to make their task easier this Christmas? Gift them movie passes to an action flick, romantic comedy or an animated movie that’s going on in the theaters.

4. Food Gift Baskets

Food baskets can be really thoughtful unisex gifts for Christmas, especially for those who live alone. They might have a hard time to keep everything in balance personally and professionally. So your food basket which contains everyone’s favorite foods, cheese, crackers and fruits, will surely please them. There are also a variety of gourmet gift basket options too, such as Italian food, Hanukkah, country food and more.

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