8 Types of People You Must Unfriend on Facebook

8 Types of People You Must Unfriend on Facebook

Facebook is a social site to connect with friends and like-minded people. So, you need to unfriend those who cause nuisance in your regular updates. Are you aware of those people? Ok, so listed below are some types of people you must unfriend on Facebook as soon as possible.

1. The liking friend

Liking a post is a different thing if the post is really good. But, liking everything that you post is like a bit irritating thing. Just imagine, you post something like “You are too tired today” and your so called friend likes it. Now, isn’t that too irritating? So, please remove the person from your friends list as early as possible.

2. The LOL friend

Agreed, LOL is like the most common expression of laughter. But, Lol on every post or comment of yours is a tad too much. Do you have a friend who constantly writes Lol and OMG in your posts, then you need to pay heed to this topic. What are you waiting for, if you don’t know him/her properly, just unfriend him/her directly.

3. The status friend

Ok, so there is one friend who changes his/her status like every hour. Now, that is height of Facebook nuisance. Why would anybody change status in an hour. If there is someone on your friends list whose doing that, then please remove him/her from your list. You want your updates to be clear and accommodating, right?

4. The comment friend

There might be a friend who likes to comment on everything that you say or post. This can also be irritating at times. So, you need to unfriend that person from the list. Also, unfriend someone who comments on your old posts and pictures, because that is something you would not want to happen again. So, do it right now.

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