8 Tips to Make a Good Conversation on a First Date

Tips to Make a Good Conversation on a First Date

First impressions are formed on the first date, and play a very important as well. You want him to think that you are a treat to the eye but when it comes to saying something, you could be a big turn off and give several moments of awkward pauses. All you hear is the sound of munching of food. To make your first date conversation a cheerful memory, you need to work a little extra and be prepared for what you need to say. Here are 8 ways to perfect the conversation on your first date.

1. Ask about his interests

Show that you are interested to know him as a person. Ask him about his interests and hobbies and what he likes to do when he gets off work. These questions can be probed further to get to know him better.

2. Get to know about what he does for a living

Talking about his work can be very interesting; you can talk about his profile and how you like it, the raise and colleagues or about his interaction with the boss. Don’t drag it too far, it’s not an interview.

3. Find a common connection

You could bond over a book that you both like, or an artist or a song or even a band. Finding a common connection gives you a chance to gang up together against something over you don’t like or go gaga over your passions and interests.

4. Learn to listen

Don’t keep talking. Give him a chance to speak. Look at him, smile, and nod and make him feel that you are interested in what he has to say. Giving attention is important.

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