8 Tips to Improve Longevity of Your Laptop

8 Tips to Improve Longevity of Your Laptop

Laptops have increasingly become an essential part of our everyday lives. Be it in the office or at home we are used to having them around, thanks to their portability and even the arrival of I pads, tablets and smartphones haven’t made a huge dent in their popularity as there are some things that we are comfortable doing only in a laptop. For all its uses, a laptop needs to be taken good care of and treated well for it to last longer as it does not have the lifespan of the normal desktop. Here are some tips to increase the longevity of your laptop.

1. Eating when you are working on your laptop.

This is a definite NO. Eating while using a laptop increases the chance of crumbs falling on the laptop and under the keys, and it is extremely difficult to remove them. The crumbs mess up with the laptop, reducing its longevity. Therefore eating is best avoided while using a laptop. You may also leave sticky marks on the keypad attracting insects and ants.

2. Defragmenting your disk drive

Defragmenting your disk drives helps in the longevity and increased usability of your hard drives and the laptop.

3. Keeping it dust free

Almost every electronic item needs to be kept dust free and a laptop is no exception. You can wipe it with a soft cloth or cover it when not in use to keep it dust free.

4. Carrying it in a padded bag

When you are carrying your laptop around it is advisable to do so in a padded bad. This protects the laptop from jerks and sudden falls. Due to its condensed built; the hard drive is situated very close to the fans in a laptop and any hard shakes while moving can damage it.

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