8 Tips to Give Him the Silent Treatment

 Tips to Give Him the Silent Treatment

Silent treatment may not be the best thing to do, but sometimes, it really helps a relationship grow. Seldom giving a silent treatment to him will make him realize your worth and importance in his life. Listed below are some tips, continue reading.

1. Plan the time

It is important to plan the length of giving silent treatment. Accordingly, stick to the plan and behave in the same manner in front of him.

2. Just walk off

When he tries to talk to you, just ignore him or walk off the room. He will really feel bad about your behavior and will regret if he has done something wrong. Do not answer to his questions; rather stay quiet in every situation, no matter how much he provokes you to speak out.

3. Do not pick his calls

Do not answer his calls. Do not reply to the messages he sends you. He will feel guilty if he has done something, which was against your wish. This is the one way to make him realize.

4. Block him on social sites

For some time, block him from the social sites like Twitter and Facebook. This is an alternative you can use to make him realize his mistake. Do this for sometime; stretching this can also create problems in the relationship. Plan this for a definite time frame.

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