8 Tips To Deal With A Drama King

8 Tips To Deal With A Drama King

Drama kings are very frustrating to have around and if one of them happens to be your close friend, then you are going to have a tough time dealing with them. Sometimes, you avoid him, sometimes it leads to a fight and now you are seriously hassled by the dramas that your boyfriend comes up with. Try getting some tips here on how to deal with a drama king.

1. Talk to him

You need to tell him that his antics are really irritating you or hurting you bad. Communicating with him is perhaps one of the best ways to deal with a drama king. If he doesn’t believe you, then cite some instances of his weird behavior.

2. Ask his friends, family

If he acts in a high-handed manner with you, then chances are he might be doing the same with others too. So go and do a bit of snooping around. You could probably talk with other friends of his and get to know if he behaves in the same peculiar manner with them or it’s just you. Get some advice from them too on how to handle him.

3. Take him to a counselor

If he really doesn’t listen to anything you say, then you can probably take him to a counselor. Of course, don’t tell him where you are going. Let it be a surprise for him to discover. The counselor will help him, if he has a genuine problem.

4. Ignore him

Another way to handle him is that you just plainly ignore him. If he throws a tantrum at you without any rhyme or reason, don’t pay attention to him. Sometimes giving him undue attention makes him more confident that he can get away with anything.

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