8 Tips to Cut Your Energy Bill

 Tips to Cut Your Energy Bill

A high electricity bill can eat a huge chunk out of your monthly budget and leave you helpless. It is an important bill and something which you have to compulsorily clear for continued services. But there are some simple ways to reduce the load and cut down on your electricity consumption significantly. If you use and manage the electric appliances in your house scrupulously and with care, you will be surprised at how much you have saved on your energy bill. Listed below are 8 tips to cut down your energy bill.

1. Adjust the temperature of your thermostat

Do not keep your thermostat on default. Install an adjustable thermostat, one in which you can adjust the temperature. Raising and lowering the temperature as per your requirement can have a significant effect on your energy bill. During winter, wear a sweater and allow the room to heat naturally by letting in enough sunlight, and lower the temperature of your thermostat by a few degrees to save energy.

2. Keep your appliances serviced and up to date

All electric appliances wear out over long term usage. They do continue to work, but become less and less efficient. They get clogged, they become dirty, and they just lose the energy efficiency that they had when they were brand new. So ensure that you get your appliances serviced regularly. If any appliance seems to be not working properly or making weird sounds, get them checked and serviced so as to avoid excessive consumption of electricity by a faulty device. Replacing old appliances with new ones over time will go a long way in reducing your energy bills.

3. Fill up the dishwasher before turning it on

A dishwasher is more energy and water efficient when it is full instead of when it has fewer utensils to wash. So do not turn your dishwasher on for every couple of dishes and glasses. Instead, fill it up, and then use it if you want to cut down on your energy bill.

4. Keep your refrigerator clean

A refrigerator must be cleaned on a timely basis in order to avoid over-consumption of electricity. The compressor might get partially fractured or clogged with dirt which you must repair or get cleaned. Refrigerators also may have ducting problems, which need to be checked. Also, the condenser coil must be cleaned so as to increase its efficiency. Buy a refrigerator which has an energy star model as it is more power efficient than other models.

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