8 Tips to Combat Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

8 Tips to Combat Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Contrary to popular notion, sexual harassment is rampant in today’s workplace and both the genders are at the receiving end of it though the magnitude is much greater for women in particular. So here are some tips to make you prepared to combat any kind of sexual harassment in the workplace.

1. Stay alert

Sexual harassment may occur in many forms from seemingly harmless yet offending jokes and messages to the more severe molestation and even forced intercourse. Of course you don’t have to be paranoid all the time, but at least keep your eyes and ears open and don’t neglect any inappropriate gesture just because they seem trivial.

2. Never give in

Remember that once you give in to these maniacs’ demands in whatever form they come, it will just make them bolder and increase the intensity of their next offence. So stand your ground and no matter what’s at stake, never make the mistake of giving in under the false notion that it’s just this one time.

3. Don’t be hard on yourself

A lot many sexual harassment victims have admitted that some time or the other, they have held themselves responsible for their fate. Maybe it was something with their manners or attire that sent out the wrong signals. Never ever think on those lines. The only person responsible is the harasser and there shouldn’t be another opinion about it.

4. Speak up

Don’t bear the torture or embarrassment silently. It will just prod the harasser to take the matter one step further. Stand up to him and say stop. Make your discomfort known to the harasser even on paper if it so requires. That way, later on he won’t be able to feign innocence and get away with the whole thing.

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