8 Tips on What Not to Wear on the First Date

8 Tips on What Not to Wear on the First Date

There are a few fashion blunders that you should absolutely not make when you go out on your first date. When you first meet your guy, you should come across as a girl with a pleasant, friendly and inviting personality. Take these tips and dress to make your first date a success.

1. Don’t wear garish head gear or large rim hats

Wearing any kind of opulent head gear is a complete no-no on a first date. You may wear a simple wired headband or a floral cap to protect yourself from the sun but nothing beyond that. You will unnecessarily draw attention to yourself with ostentatious head gear and your guy is likely to be thrown off by your choice.

2. Avoid heavy makeup

When couples date for the first time they want to know as much as they can about each other. Wearing too much makeup is like trying to cover up who you really are. Keep your makeup light, nude and effervescent on your first date to show your guy the girl you actually are. Avoid deep red or brown shades for lip color, dark bronzers or rouges for your cheeks and heavy eye makeup.

3. Don’t wear clothes with plunging necklines or very high hems

If you are a fan of wearing plunging necklines or high hems when you step out, keep them on standby for your second or third date when you both get to know each other better and are comfortable in each other’s company. Dressing too provocatively on your first date may give your guy a false impression about your personality and attitude. You would definitely not want to start off a relationship on a distasteful note.

4. Avoid blazers, jackets or shirts

It isn’t wrong according to any fashion rule book to wear a semi formal blazer, jacket or shirt to a first date, but you should keep it as feminine as you can. If you want to come across as an attractive woman to your guy, rest your pick on dresses, tops, tunics or tanks that accentuate your femininity. Go for a sundress, a short cocktail dress, a flowing tunic, a casual tank top with denims or a printed skirt.

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