8 Tips on How to Impress People on Twitter

8 Tips on How to Impress People on Twitter

Twitter is now officially the most used networking site. With the character length of 140 characters, you can express anything that you want in life. If you are new to Twitter, then there are some ways to impress people or get popular. How will you start, well read the post below for some quick tips.

1. Restrict the tweets

To start with, restrict the number of tweets you make per day. Don’t tweet anything or retweet everything that you see on twitter. There is a difference in personal and company tweets. An ideal count of tweets should be anywhere between five to ten a day. Don’t make your account get over tweeted so to say. This would create a good impression on people.

2. The about me page

The about me page is about you and not some fake words. Like, don’t go over the top with the page. The more simple you keep this, the more it will impact on people. Use a single sentence as a description. For example “You are a dreamer and an achiever” is a cool sentence to create the right impression on people. Be creative and use your own words for description.

3. A simple profile page

Customize your Twitter picture and background. Keep a simple picture as your display picture on twitter and the back ground picture should be simple as well. Use a picture that describes your personality on the whole. Like, if you are a rebel by nature, then choose a picture alike. A picture is important as it helps to hide the conventional twitter page at the background.

4. Retweet important tweets

To impress people, your Twitter account should have all the meaningful retweets. Like, retweet a thought for the day or something that holds social relevance in life. The idea is to inform people about things around through your tweets. Use hash tags when you communicate on twitter for all the important topics.

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