8 Tips on Dating a Libra Man

8 Tips on Dating a Libra Man

For all the women out there who are going out with a Libra man, here are some tips to help you win him over and chalk out a successful relationship.

1. Be at your romantic best

Being ruled by the planet Venus, people born under Libra are known for their romanticism. So feel lucky to have such a guy in your life and shower all your love on him.

2. Don’t be too loud

The Libras like it quiet and an over the top girlfriend will be the last thing on their wish list. So try not to be a chatterbox and keep the volume down.

3. Be sociable

A Libra man loves his parties and you too must turn into a social animal if you want to really have a shot at him.

4. Be caring

A Libra man has high EQ and empathy is one trait that he seeks for in his woman. So show him your caring self and he will surely like you for that.

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