8 Tips for Coping with IBS

8 Tips for Coping with IBS

If you’ve been told that you have no choice but to undergo the trauma and troubles of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you’ve not heard the right things. While there is no permanent cure, there are loads of tips for coping with irritable bowel syndrome.

1. Identify the stimulants

If you are experiencing IBS, you should also know that IBS is most often triggered by some form of stimuli. And identifying the stimuli will help in minimizing the problem to a large extent.

2. Promote good eating habits

Eating small amounts of food periodically is important to keep a check on IBS. Chewing food slowly and completely before sending it down your food pipe is important. Stay away from meals that are rich in fat or are heavy. Large meals can result in diarrhea or cramping in people with IBS. So, eating small meals is really the solution. Eliminate caffeine from your regular diet.

3. Say yes to physical activity

An active schedule plays a pivotal role in promoting good bowel movements. Therefore, make sure you maintain a daily fitness schedule. At least 15 minutes of cardio session everyday has been shown to offer relief from IBS. Relaxing your body and mind also offers relief from anxiety that can contribute to IBS.

4. Try to bid goodbye to stress and anxiety

While it might be difficult to completely stay away from stress and anxiety especially in a lifestyle that is very demanding; try to put away as much anxiety as possible. This is because high levels of stress and anxiety result in bad bowel movements and aggravate symptoms of IBS. Therefore, meditation and relaxation techniques go a long way to ease your troubles.

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