8 Things you Should Know About Christmas

8 Things you Should Know About Christmas

Everyone gets excited for Christmas because it is the season of love and lots of cheer. Do you think you know everything related to Christmas? Well, there are some things you might just not know, so read on to get an insight on Christmas on the whole.

1. Birth belief

Contrary to the popular belief, Mary did not give birth to Jesus on the first day of shifting to Bethlehem. There have been many references in the songs and carols too. The exact time and day is still a mystery for many people, because there is no such evidence to prove this. There are no references in the Holy Bible as well.

2. The letter reference

Do you know why Xmas is written this way? It was to give the reference to the Lord without using his name. It wasn’t intended this way, it was just replaced by the word Christ. According to ancient Greek manuscript, X stands for Christos which again is similar to Christ. So, in the name of Lord people started writing Xmas for Christmas which is now universally accepted.

3. The first person

It is believed that Martin Luther was the first person ever to decorate a Christmas tree with lights. He got inspired by the twinkling stars and their radiance in the green bushes at night. Just to recreate the same effect, he placed lights on his Christmas tree. This trend is still very popular among people during Christmas.

4. Against the law

Christmas was considered as unlawful before 1870 in America. You heard that right! There was no special holiday to celebrate the holy day of Christmas as there were no evidences for the same. It was only after the year 1870; Christmas was accepted as a holiday. After that it made its place in the National holiday list of America.

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