8 Things You Must Absolutely Do When in London

8 Things You Must Absolutely Do When in London

London is a delightful place to visit and one of the major tourist attraction centers of the world. Laymen as well as high flying celebrities opt to go to this metropolis for their holidays. Once you go there, you just can’t have enough of the place for it is a splendid blend of man made as well as natural beauty. You have got to do 8 of these things listed below when you visit the European city of London.

1. Go on the London Eye

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel which isn’t your average amusement park ride. It moves at a slow pace and inside every closed capsule of the wheel, many people can sit and stand comfortably. As the wheel takes a whole round to finish, it basically gives you a full aerial view of the magnificent city.

2. Buckingham Palace

UK is known all around the world for its splendid historical royal family and the palaces constructed of Victorian architecture that they lived and live in. You may not always get to go inside but it is a historical place where the royal family still resides and clicking a picture with the British guards in their traditional uniform outside is priceless.

3. British Museum

The history of the country is world renowned and you can actually see most artifacts and learn a lot about the city by visiting the British Museum. Although there are other equally good museums which depict the last of the place in an entertaining way, this museum stands out for being a tad better than all of them.

4. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Europe is known for its great historical structures, one of which is the St. Paul’s Cathedral which is a must-visit when you are in London. It is an awe inspiring feat of architecture which is more than 300 years old, steeped in history and featuring works of art, monuments, mosaics and the Whispering Gallery.

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