8 Things to Expect from Your First Kiss

8 Things to Expect from Your First Kiss

A first kiss is a tender lip lock that guys and girls remember forever. The hype associated with kissing for the first time can also make you nervous and fidgety. If you are feeling the same way, calm yourself down and find out what to expect from your first kiss.

1. Both of you may tilt your head the same way

The guy generally takes the lead in kissing and may tilt his head in a particular direction, prompting the girl to tilt in the opposite direction so that their lips can lock. If you are going to kiss for the first time, you may both tilt your heads the same way and laugh it off as one of you tilt it the other way so you can kiss.

2. Your noses can bump into each other’s

When you kiss for the first time, you can expect your nose to bump with your partner’s. It is a cute thing that may happen until you and your partner are comfortable kissing each other.

3. One of the partner could use the tongue

Kissing for the first time can make either partner nervous. There are lots of expectations because everyone wants their first kiss to be perfect. In attempting to be a good kisser, your guy could use his tongue and slide it on your lips.

4. Your first kiss may be wet or dry

Your first kiss could be wet if either partner goes for some tongue action. Expect your smooch to be sloppy and wet if that happens. On the other hand, if there is no tongue action, your first kiss could be totally dry. Be prepared for either situations and don’t act surprised if it goes either way.

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