8 Things to Do to Pass Time in an Airplane

8 Things to Do to Pass Time in an Airplane

Flights seem all exciting until the time when the plane is actually up in the air and you think, what now? Long flights especially, which can be 10, 14 or even a day long can be excruciatingly boring. Here is a list of things you can do when caught in such situations.

1. Strike a conversation with your seat partner

Since you are stuck for a long time with someone unknown beside you who is also getting bored, why not be social and start a conversation? It’s actually therapeutic to talk to someone new and know their views and even share stuff that you wouldn’t normally share with people you know.

2. Count how many flights you have taken or hotels you have stayed in

Everything that we do in our lives would be a waste if not for our memory. Try to revive other traveling times and remember how you felt. You could count the number of flights you have taken in your lifetime, the number of hotels you have resided in, which cities you have visited, etc.

3. Observe the scenic beauty if you have a window seat

If you are in luck by managing to book a window seat, boredom will not be much of an issue. Observe the scenic overhead views outside and enjoy the feeling of floating above clouds, after all, when does one get to see such view everyday. The calm scene outside will soothe your mind and get you sleep.

4. Listen to the radio

To banish boredom, you could try out the radio which most airlines provide and browse through stations.

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