8 Things That Could Kill Your Relationship

Things That Could Kill Your Relationship

There are certain personality traits and habits in couples which can be potentially lethal for a relationship if not controlled in time. Find out if you are a victim of either of those traits and see if they are affecting your relationship.

1. Extreme possessiveness

Jealousy and envy may be required in a relationship to feel emotionally secure and wanted, but only in measured amounts. If they go beyond limits, obsession can creep into the bliss of a relationship. If you and your boyfriend are extremely possessive of each other, you may need to keep it in check from the very start. Looking out for each other is one thing and micro managing each other is something completely different.

2. Lies and dishonesty

If you are constantly lying to your boyfriend or if you have caught him lying to you on several occasions, you both could be digging your relationship’s grave. By doing this you may lose trust and also find it difficult to respect each other again. Whether it is a white lie or a little manipulation, dishonesty in any form can kill a relationship in the long term.

3. Lack of understanding and communication

One of the biggest killers of a relationship can be lack of communication and understanding between partners. If your boyfriend switches off when you are talking about your passion or if you don’t support him in his times of need, your relationship may not take much time to go downhill.

4. Flirting habits

Does your boyfriend flirt with his female friends? Do you indulge in healthy flirting to get things done? If either of you take liberties in flirting with the opposite sex, it may come back to you later and cause insecurity to enter your relationship. When insecurity grows, it may damage a relationship.

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