8 Things People Hate About The Office Environment

8 Things People Hate About The Office Environment

Working is not something people do for fun. Most people tread grudgingly to their offices everyday, and the main reason why they actually do a job is for earning a livelihood. While workplaces are not all that bad, especially if you hold senior level positions, there are certain things present in most workplaces which people would be happy to get rid of.

1. Politics

The most hated thing about offices is the politics played at the senior levels. Genuine hard work is rarely appreciated and taken forward because of the presence of influence and dirty politics in many offices. Politics is one of the reasons why women have not been able to break through the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ in the corporate world.

2. Gossip

Malicious gossip about people’s personal life, habits, sense of dressing, way of speaking and such other stuff are quite rampant in companies. Also known as water cooler talks, gossiping can lead to groupism and even bullying which could damage a person’s mental well-being and efficiency at work.

3. Bias

Office politics is made up of bias, prejudice and discrimination which are sad realities of work life. Knowingly or unknowingly, seniors indulge in bias and favoritism which can make people feel angry, anxious, irritated and low on confidence. No one likes to be treated in an unjust manner after all.

4. Overtime

Doing overtime at offices is another reason why people despise working. While some companies do have paid overtime, most of them tend to exploit their staff and make them stay back in the office to do work for which they are not paid enough.

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