8 Super Ways to Flirt With a Nerd

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Sensitive and honest, a nerdy guy can be a great partner. However, the usual norms of flirting may not work if you plan to do it with a nerd. We give you some tips on how to flirt well with a geeky guy.

1. Approach him in a friendly way

Just like all other guys, nerds also love it if some girl shows interest in them. They are not aliens. They yearn for some female attention and would be more than happy (though they may not be able to express it) if you approach them.

2. Don’t flirt just for pleasure

Flirt with a nerdy guy only if you really like him. Do not do it just to pass time or to add some spice in your life. Nerdy guys are usually very sensitive and you may end up hurting him if you flirt with no real feelings.

3. Be straightforward

Normally, you may try dropping indirect hints here and there when you like a guy. However, if you like a nerd, be straightforward with him. Tell him in simple and plain words that you like him. The usual teasing or insulting pick-up lines will not work.

4. Strike a conversation

Making small talk is not something that comes naturally to nerdy men. The onus is on you to initiate a conversation. It need not always be something about superheroes, games, or books. You could ask for his help in some tech matter. This will give you some time to spend with him and get to know him.

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