8 Strange American Laws You Never Knew Existed

8 Strange American Laws You Never Knew Existed

Mankind may have progressed leaps and bounds but it seems that the books of law are yet to catch up with the times. Here are some of the most strange, weird and funny American laws which you never knew, or thought that something like this would ever exist.

1. People with criminal intent should inform police before entering Washington

A weird law in Washington requires motorists with criminal intention to inform the Chief of Police before entering the city limits. It makes one wonder if the lawmakers had thought that getting in touch with the police would be the last thing on the minds of people with criminal intent.

2. No more than 50 pounds of chocolate for your girlfriend in Idaho

Men who want to shower their girlfriends with chocolates may be in for a shock to know that it is illegal to give your girlfriend more than 50 pounds of chocolates in Idaho. Didn’t anyone think of why a man would want to give his girlfriend so much chocolate unless he wants her to suffer from cholesterol problems?

3. Fine for wearing trousers below your hips in Georgia

A strange law in the state of Georgia says that people who wear their trousers three inches below their hips to show their skin or underwear will be fined $25. Repeat offenders will be fined $200. It goes without saying that Georgia is not the place to be if your fashion sense dictates you to wear pants lower than usual.

4. Law against cursing firemen in New Orleans

If you have a grudge against firemen, you shouldn’t be living in New Orleans because there is a law which prohibits people from cursing firemen while they are doing their official duty. It is considered as ‘breach of peace’ if anyone uses obscene language directed at officials of the city fire department while they are performing their duties.

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