8 Steps to Do When a Friend Dumps You

8 Steps to Do When a Friend Dumps You

A boyfriend dumping you could be painful. But what is even more painful than that is being dumped by a friend. While boyfriends come and go, we assume friends to stay forever. But when they don’t and your friend just walks away from you, you tend to feel both betrayed and hurt. But once you have put all of this behind you, you will discover how this incident has made you a better and wiser person. However for this, you need to deal with your friend dumping you in the right manner. Here is how.

1. Understand Why

There is always a reason for everything. Always remember, it takes two hands to clap. You maybe hurt already and thinking about this may hurt you more, but it is for the best. If you don’t, you may once again be dumped by another friend for the same reason. So think about it.

2. Be Ready To Apologize

Once you understand why your friend walks out on you, it is time to react to that. If you feel you went wrong somewhere and have made a mistake, put your ego aside and apologize. For all you know you may just win your friend back. And even if you don’t it will put the guilty feeling behind you. Your friend also will respect you for that. After all this, if things still don’t get sorted out, you will be thankful that at least you tried.

3. Forgive them

So once you have apologized for whatever wrong you did, make sure that you let your friend know that you have forgiven them and have no bitter feelings towards them. Tell them that you are open for communication whenever they feel they are ready. It is possible that your friend might be upset at the moment and might not want to talk to you, but if you say this it is possible that once things cool down he or she may come back to you.

4. Leave them alone

Once you have done the above, the best thing is to leave them alone and let them decide what they want to do. Don’t pester or beg them to take you back. This will only make you seem desperate, and it is certainly not what you want yourself to be seen like. You have done your part and if they have to come back to you, they will on their own. You pushing things further will only make things worse.

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