8 Signs Your Crush is Gay

 Signs Your Crush is Gay

Do you only keep staring at your crush from far? Do you want to take this to the next level? Everything is going good, until you see some unusual gay signs in him. Now, what will you do? Well, know if he is really a gay or not, before you take a step ahead. Here are few signs that will take you through this decision.

1. If he behaves in a feminine way

If he is a gay, then he would talk in a feminine way. He would be interested in talking about cosmetics and beauty rather than sports. He would also walk differently. It is easy to know if he is a gay or not, through mannerisms and behavior.

2. If he feels shy

If he feels shy on receiving a compliment, then definitely something is wrong. He would also blush on getting a compliment, which will prove that he is a gay. Blushing and feeling shy means he is more on a feminine side.

3. If he looks at other boys

If your crush leches at other boys in a seductive way then he might be a gay. If he stares at other boys, or compliments them for their looks, then this is a proof that he is definitely a gay. He might also flirt with boys in this scenario.

4. If he wears clothes which are tight

Did you ever pay heed to his clothes? Is he wearing too tight and skinny clothes? A straight guy would not wear such kind of clothes. If he is a gay, then he would wear trendy and flashy stuff. It is better to know about this behavior now and stop your feelings for him than to repent later.

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