8 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants a Long-Term Relationship With You

8 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants a Long-term Relationship With You

Is your boyfriend serious about you? Does he want a long term relationship with you? Going beyond the word love, there are some other signs that will let you know his real feelings for you. Want to know more on this, continue reading the post.

1. You are his priority

If you are his first priority, then be sure he truly loves you. If he especially takes time out from his busy schedule just to spend time with you, then he is definitely serious about you. Had he not been serious, he would not go out of the way just to be with you.

2. He shares things with you

Boys normally do not share their day to day activities with everyone. If your boyfriend tells you everything related to his life, then you are truly special for him. He is comfortable with you because he might be looking for a long term relationship with you. It is all about being comfortable in your company.

3. He finds support in you

If he has cried in front of you, then this is serious. Boys do not cry or share their pain with someone so easily. But, when they do, then it has to be someone special. In this case, you are that someone. If he seeks an emotional support in you, then he is serious about this relationship.

4. He talks to you about having a family

Unless he is serious there is no reason he would talk about family and kids. If your boyfriend talks about family planning and kids, then he is looking at a long term relationship. If he mentions about kids to you, then he has a complete picture of you and him being together forever.

5. He acts responsible around you

If you suddenly find him responsible in managing work and money, then this could be due to one reason; he loves you, that is why he is being responsible in life. He is in love with you, and wants you to know that you can depend on him with your life.

6. He flaunts a caring attitude

If he has started taking care of you, then he is serious about you and the relationship. He might also start behaving protective, because he does not want to lose you.

7. He introduces you to his family and friends

If your boyfriend willingly introduces you to his family and friends, then he is dead serious about you. He is definitely looking for a long term relationship with you.

8. He doesn’t not stare at other women

When you are out with him, he only pays heed to you, then he is serious about you. If he does not stare at other girls, then you are the one for him.

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