8 Signs You are Overworked

8 Signs You are Overworked

Work is just one aspect of human life. Life embraces many other equally important tasks that demand your time and attention. If you are a workaholic and enjoy spending hours in office, you will be prone to myriad complications that will take a toll on your physical and mental well being. Hence, it is important to devote certain time from your busy schedule for yourself during which you can exercise, go for a long drive or walk with your loved ones. You can even pick up an interesting hobby that will help you unwind and relax. Though the signs of a career burnout are different for different individuals, there are certain universal indicators that are fairly helpful in determining signs of being overworked.

1. Constant fatigue and low energy levels

Too much of work has a negative influence on your body; your body fails to respond as per your instructions. Overburdening yourself with plenty of work often leads to reduced energy levels and constant fatigue. Under such circumstances, you may not be able to give your cent percent to your work.

2. Constant feeling of sadness and despair

If you have been feeling sad and gloomy for the past few weeks or months then it probably means that you need a break from your routine work schedule. It means that you are mentally tired of working hard and that you need to break-free from the set pattern and indulge in some fun.

3. Reduced desire to work hard

If you no longer seem to care about setting targets and achieving goals or you no more have the same inclination or motivation to work hard, it implies that you are over exerted and that your mind and body deserves the much required break.

4. Reduced productivity levels

If lately you have been missing the deadlines of most of your projects just because you don’t feel like completing them, then it’s probably due to the increased work pressure where your body and mind has reached a saturation level beyond which it refuses to cooperate.

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