8 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex

8 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex

Heartache, loss of hope and unimaginable pain – you must be experiencing all this after your breakup. But you may find that certain questions keep coming back to haunt you, “Was it the right thing to do?” “Could it have gone differently?” “Is it time for me to move on or should I go back to him and give it another shot?” But how can you find the answers to these difficult questions? Here’s some help. Mentioned here are some signs that you are not over your ex.

1. Every time the phone rings, your heart starts pounding against your chest and you find yourself asking or rather hoping, “Is it him?” Every missed call gives you hope that it could be him.

2. You might not remember what you ate for dinner last night. But you remember, with great clarity, his birthday, the first time you guys met, the first dinner date, the first time he kissed you and all other romantic dates! And what’s more, all these memories still make you mushy and sad!

3. You find yourself ordering whatever he loved to eat, or you find yourself watching his favorite programs or movies, or going to the places where he loved to go. All these are your heart’s ways of clinging to him and his memories.

4. You wake up in the middle of the night from a dream you can’t remember, but your thoughts keep straying to him. And you spend sleepless nights trying to shake off the insomnia as well as his thoughts, but find yourself unable to do both!

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