8 Signs You are a Scorpio

8 Signs You are a Scorpio

Scorpio is definitely one of the coolest signs to be born under, both literally and figuratively. If there is one word to sum up your character, then it would probably be ice. You are icy cool, but also fiery and have a war like temperament as you are ruled over by mars. Here are a few signs that might tell you that you are a Scorpio.

1. You are magnetic

You have a magnetic personality. When you walk into a room, the attention of most of the people is diverted towards you. You do not have to even open your mouth for people to turn and look at you. People are naturally attracted to you and you can easily use this to your own advantage.

2. You are elusive

Just like the scorpion you are quite elusive. It is not definitely a negative trait. You are there when you are needed, but you are not everywhere every time and that makes people want to see you more and miss you more. This elusive nature also works to your advantage as people want to get closer to you.

3. You are sexy

It is not just your physical aspects that make you sexy to other people. It could be your voice, the way you talk or just how you carry yourself that makes you sexy and attractive to the others. Sexy and Scorpios usually go hand in hand.

4. You are very determined

You have a rock solid determination and you always see to the end of things. This determination to finish things and get what you want make you popular and also the most hated person as you can rub many people the wrong way when you go about getting your work done.

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