8 Signs That Will Help You Know If It Is Infatuation Or Love

8 Signs That Will Help You Know If It Is Infatuation Or Love

Have you ever had that heady feeling of flying in the clouds? Or that nothing wrong could ever happen to you if you are with that ‘special’ one? “I am in love”, you say. We say, let’s check dear. It might just be a dose of infatuation. Yes, that’s possible quite a number of times especially if you are with that person for a day or two or maybe even a month. Here we have listed some signs to know if what you feel is real love or just infatuation.

1. You make a decision without telling them

If you are infatuated by his presence, you won’t make him a part of your routine life. You make your decisions on your own. You don’t feel the need to tell him whether you are going to a party, or if you are shopping with your friends. When you are deciding on something important, you may or may not even ask his opinion. But in love, you always feel like telling him each and every decision you are about to make or even ask for his advice.

2. You think about yourself first

Of course, it is necessary to think about yourself. But when you are in love, you tend to think what your actions and words would mean when it comes to your love. You tend to be careful before doing anything. But if you are just infatuated, you don’t care about the consequences.

3. You are wary of commitment

The word ‘commitment’ scares you off when you are infatuated to a person. You just like to be in the present without thinking or worrying about the future. But if it’s love, you generally tend to think more about long term commitment and will also make plans for your future together.

4. You can’t concentrate

When you are infatuated to someone, you are very jittery and feel to just run into him often. Whether you are in school, at home or with your friends, all you think of is him. Your daily activities in life are disrupted. But when you love him, it doesn’t interfere in your daily chores. You still love him and can do your work without any problem.

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