8 Reputed American Film Festivals

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The United States of America has one of the oldest film industries in the world, and is considered to be highly prestigious in the history of cinema. Generally referred to as Hollywood, it had started in the 20th century and is going steady since then. Over the years, there have been many film festivals that have been organized in the United States that showcase notable work of filmmakers from across the globe.

A film festival is a platform where budding and independent filmmakers can show their work and earn accolades from established names of the industry. There are many reputed filmmakers from various film industries that come together during such festivals, and share their knowledge and experience to inspire others. Some of the best film festivals in America are listed here.

1. Atlanta Film Festival

Atlanta Film Festival was started in the year 1976, and is an Academy Award qualifying film festival that is held in Atlanta, Georgia. This festival takes place in April every year, where movies from diverse backgrounds are showcased. It is regarded as one of the most respected and important film festivals all over the world, as it qualifies deserving films for Academy Awards or the Oscars; the biggest film awards in the world.

2. Boston Film Festival

Held in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Film Festival invites film buffs to participate annually. This film festival was started in the year 1984, and since then it has grown bigger and better in every way. This festival has premiered many world-class films like The Last Kiss, Deliver Us from Evil, Jesus Camp, The Ground Truth, The US vs. John Lennon, and many more.

3. Chicago International Film Festival

The Chicago International Film Festival is held every year during fall. In the year 1964, this festival was initiated, and is considered to be the longest-running competitive film festival in North America. Besides, this festival encourages new and budding filmmakers to come and present their work in the competition, which includes International Competition, New Directors’ Competition, Docufest, Black Perspectives, Cinema of the Americas, and Reel Women. It is a great platform for newcomers as well as established filmmakers to come and enlighten everyone.

4. New York Film Festival

One of the major film festivals held in the United States is the New York Film Festival, which came into existence in the year 1963. Since then, this film festival has been known for the quality of films that are showcased here. The Film Society of Lincoln Center selects all the films that are shown in this festival. This film festival is non-competitive, and the filmmakers who come here share their experiences with others, making it an interactive program for all.

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