8 Reasons You Must Have Health Insurance

8 Reasons You Must Have Health Insurance

Having a health insurance not only protects you from unforeseen health risks but also keeps you secured. If you need money for health emergencies, then medical or health insurance may come handy. So, here are some reasons you must have health insurance.

1. Medical costs

The number one reason for having health insurance is the medical costs. In the case of emergency, insurance will cover all your medical costs. And, many hospitals now offer cashless facilities with health insurance. So, you don’t have to worry about the unexpected health emergencies in future. It safeguards you in the best possible way.

2. Free check ups

Do you know there are many health insurance companies that offer free vaccinations and checks ups on purchase of medical policy? But, that is before you meet your annual deductible. A routine checkup will also let you know about your health and fitness. Free screenings on health insurance is like an added benefit.

3. It protects against medical debt

Having health insurance also protects you from medical debt. What if there is a medical emergency and you don’t have sufficient money to pay at the hospital. In that case, health insurance can bail you out of trouble. If you pay your premiums on time, then it will cover all the bills under hospitalization.

4. It’s now affordable

Health insurance is quite affordable and almost anyone can avail its benefits. Earlier people used to get apprehensive because of premium rates. But, now that is not the case. The insurance cover is affordable with low premiums on monthly or yearly basis. Payment terms for health insurance have become transparent and flexible by nature.

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