8 Reasons You Feel Tired all the Time

8 Reasons You Feel Tired all the Time

Ever wondered why you feel tired the whole day? Is it to do with your stamina level or your exercise regime? The reason could be any. Stress is one main reason why you feel tired all the time. You heard that right! There are many more reasons You feel tired all the time read on.

1. Less intake of water

Do you know that dehydration is the main cause of lethargy? So, if you are not having the required amount of water throughout the day, then chances are you may feel dehydrated and tired the whole day. It is important to have eight to ten glasses of water all through the day. Also, include some vegetable and fruit juices to hydrate your body in a perfect way.

2. Due to anemia

Are you aware of the fact that low hemoglobin level causes the condition of anemia? And, anemia is the main cause of lethargy in the body. So, if you have a low blood count or iron, then you would feel tired the whole day. It may well affect your productivity at work. It is important to include iron rich foods in your diet to maintain a good iron level in the body.

3. No time for exercise

Do you exercise on a regular basis? If your answer is no, then you should exercise regularly. Lack of exercise can cause weakness and tiredness in the body. A recent study proved that people who exercise are a lot healthier than people who don’t. By exercising, you would be able to increase your physical stamina and maintain a healthy body.

4. Unhealthy diet plan

Your food intake has a direct link to your health. If you eat right, you would remain healthy. A balanced diet intake prevents lethargy and tiredness in the body. It is important to include at least two portions of veggies and one portion of fruit in your regular diet plan to remain healthy and ft.

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