8 Reasons Why We Will Remember Whitney Houston

8 Reasons Why We Will Remember Whitney Houston

Remembering Whitney Houston is probably as lovely as her beautiful voice and lilting songs but doing so post her demise is pure grief. The American recording artist, model, producer and actress is the proud owner of numerous accolades that have been showered on her simply because of her immense talent. 6 Grammy, 3 Emmy Awards, 22 American Music Awards and 30 Billboard Music Awards besides 415 awards during her career is no joke if you think about it!

Whitney Houston was always considered beauty with a golden voice. Her loss is perhaps irreplaceable as cited by most fellow artists. Ratings of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards soared very high with the entire music industry paying their tribute to the legend. Whitney Houston will continue to engulf the hearts of millions of fans even stronger.

Remembering Whitney Houston

There are numerous reasons why we will remember Whitney Houston. Some of the first and foremost reasons are elucidated below.

1. Rihanna mentioned on the 54th Grammy red carpet that Whitney Houston was the reason why she started to create music. Many new and upcoming stars consider Houston their role models for the simple fact that her songs created magic. Her influence on Mariah Carey made the younger artist create top vocal gymnastics with her voice. She was an undeniable influence on several famous artists.

2. A voice that is as tantalizing as Whitney Houston’s is quite hard to find. The lady was a mezzo-soprano. Her voice had an exceptional range that not many can attempt to train on or perform. Her mid-belt was strong and most artists envied her effortless portrayal of singing.

3. Whitney Houston was multi-talented. Her exemplary prowess in singing was never shadowed by her ability to act or produce. She maintained a beautiful balance in every flavor of her career and did it with aplomb. A trait that is truly rare to find.

4. Whitney made fewer albums and all of them created a massive impact easily making her and her creations top almost every chart. While many of her peers struggled to get into blockbuster lists, Whitney did it rather nonchalantly. She managed to weave such magic right from her debut album with powerful lyrics and scintillating voice.

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