8 Reasons Why Men Hate Talking on the Phone

Reasons Why Men Hate Talking on the Phone

If your boyfriend rushes through the conversations you have over the phone or seem to avoid your phone calls, don’t just start worrying over your relationship yet. It is that men just hate talking over the phone and here are some reasons why.

1. They hate tittle-tattle

Gossiping has never been the strong point of men and they especially dread doing it over the phone. So when they sense that the phone call is going nowhere, they just prefer ending it rather than keep babbling with you.

2. They have different priorities

This is a polite way to say that they simply have better things to do. You can’t just expect your lover to be all ears when he has a business meeting coming up or a presentation to make.

3. They are not very phone friendly

Men have never exactly bonded with phones. They prefer to do things up front and speaking on the phone is just not their way of doing things. No wonder why they dread those phone calls.

4. They are simply bored

Unless he has some serious phobia of Mr. Graham Bell’s device, this is the most likely reason why he cuts the conversation short: he is just bored, plain and simple. So either try a more interesting topic or simply put down the phone rather than testing his limits of endurance.

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