8 Reasons Why Facebook Friends are Better than Real Friends

8 Reasons Why Facebook Friends are Better than Real Friends

Today virtual world has become more fascinating than the real world. And, that also includes your friends. Do you think your Facebook friends are much better than your real friends in life? Well, if you believe in this, then there are many reasons why this is true.

1. Forms of expressions

You must have heard that writing is perhaps the biggest form of expression. So, with Facebook friends, you express yourself with lots of words and emoticons. This is real fun as compared to boring chat on the phone with a real friend. If you agree to this, then well it is better to stay with your Facebook friends and get entertained.

2. Never a dull moment

You can’t really be with your real friends for like 24/7. But, this is not the case with your Facebook friends. If you are chatting in the middle of the night on Facebook, and you find your virtual friend on chat, you can go on and on. So, there are no reservations and boundaries with virtual friends as with real ones.

3. It’s all about space

Well, if you fight with your friends on space issues, then you need to take a break. There are no space issues with your Facebook friends. They won’t really advise you on dos and don’ts of your life. Mostly, your Facebook friends would remain neutral with you because that is like an ideal case. So, you have your space in life.

4. No limit to make friends

It is practically impossible to make lots of friends in your life. But, this is possible with your chat or Facebook friends. You heard that right. You can be friends with as many people as possible and there is no stopping. This would make your chat conversations more interesting on Facebook because the more the merrier in life.

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